German course in and around Munich

German course in and around Munich

Would you like to read and to write in German? Since 2005 our team „Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch“ has been providing language courses for refugees and immigrants. At our locations in and around Munich you can find a wide range of courses at a fair price as well as certified lecturers and the day care center for your children.

Our German courses are suitable for different levels of language skills and are partly built on each other. You can take a placement test to find out what course matches you ideally according to your knowledge level.
We offer:


Our language school is a recognised telc - examination centre and is allowed to examine its participants as well as external students. The certificates for passed examinations serve not only as a proof of qualification for employers, but are also a prerequisite for residency or naturalisation in Germany, depending on the kind of course.
You can take these tests:

  • Certificate Integration Course (German Test for Immigrants & Life in Germany)
  • B2 and C1 Tests
  • Job-related Test


TEL.: 089 189 179 820


Structure of our German language courses

Literacy Course

People with refugee and migrant background face the problem that they cannot read and write sufficiently. There are two barriers they have to deal with: to speak German and at the same time to learn to read and write in Latin script. The students at „Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch“ have an opportunity to attend small groups of max. 16 persons, where they can learn German in up to 1200 lessons followed by an Orientation Course. The first 300 - 400 hours are used to build basic literacy skills. Then the actual acquisition of the language begins equivalent to the common Integration Course. The Course completes with the “German Test for Immigrants“ resp. with the „Life in Germany“ Test for the Orientation Course.

Integration Course
The general Integration Course includes 700 lessons and consists of two parts: a Language Course and an Orientation Course. The participants attend 6 modules from the level A1 to B1. The course completes with the “German Test for Immigrants“, which proves the acquired B1 level. The following Orientation Course gives an overview of social, cultural and political life in Germany. The final test is called "Life in Germany".

Integration Course for Women and Parents 
The Integration Course for Parents has been developed for immigrant women and men who do not want or cannot attend a general Integration Course for family or cultural reasons. The course is offered both to mothers and fathers. It consists of 9 modules from the level A1 to B1 and of an Orientation Course. „Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch“ provides children day care during the lessons. The Course completes with the “German Test for Immigrants“ resp. with the „Life in Germany“ Test for the Orientation Course.

B2 Course
The job - related language support is based directly on the Integration Course. During the Integration Course the participants learn the German legal system, culture and society as well as the German colloquial language. In the subsequent B2 language course, migrants and refugees are prepared for the labour market in Germany.

C1 Course
The job - related language support at C1 level in the form of an advanced, compact intensive Course serves the comprehensive and sustainable improvement of your language competence. Students learn to understand sophisticated German texts and to communicate spontaneously and fluently.

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